Bitcoin versus Stocks

Compare the results of dollar cost averaging (DCA) in Bitcoin versus stocks, indexes and precious metals.

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Bitcoin vs Stocks

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What is Dollar Cost Average (DCA)?

Dollar cost averaging is an investment strategy that consists of buying the same dollar amount of an asset on a regular basis, regardless of price.

For example: Buying $250 worth of bitcoin every month, without any exception, no matter the price.

DCA is considered one of the most reliable and effective strategies when it comes to investing.

Isn't Bitcoin too volatile?

That's the point. When you dollar cost average, you basically neutralize bitcoin's volatility.

If you buy bitcoin at $60k and then the same amount again at $20k, your average cost is $40k. If you continue buying all the time, your cost per purchase will even out over time.

Despite its volatility, you will notice that Bitcoin outperforms most stocks, indexes and precious metals.

Feel free to play around with the calculator above. The results might surprise you.

How can I verify the results of this calculator?

The code is open source, you can verify how it works by checking our Python API Backend and Svelte Frontend source code.

The historical prices for both bitcoin and stocks are extracted from Yahoo Finance's API and then the results are calculated according to the options you selected.

I want to compare a stock but it's not on the list 😭

Current version only shows popular stocks with a high market cap.

We are currently working to include a search option so that you can look up any stock and compare it.

Stay tuned!

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